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Prestige Screen Printing offers you durable, high quality and customized nameplates printing services at the best rates. Get name plates to put on your equipment, products, machinery etc to label it with your unique identity. Graphic nameplates on vinyl and plastic material are also ideal for use as marketing samples or as prototypes distributed during shows and events.

Designed inaspecial quality durable material, printed with a 6-color process for high quality finish and rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions in all kindsof environments, nameplates by Prestige Screen Printing are a cost effective choice for all kinds of businesses.

What We Offer?

We Offer Nameplates Printing Services in Aluminum, Digital Screen Printing, Domed Label, Metal photo, Plastic Substrates and Roll Labels.

  • Aluminum - Rigid and durable;anodized aluminum nameplates are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and chemical exposure and can be printed in thicknesses from .003 to .060.

  • Digital Screen Printed - If you are looking for impeccable attention to detail, vivid colors and photo-quality graphic nameplates, digital screen printed designs in plastic and vinyl is your best bet. The color turn-off and eye-catching appearance make them ideal for marketing and promotional gigs.

  • Metal Photo - Available in varied sizes and thickness with a highly reflective, matte and satin finish, Metal photo is ideal for commercial and industrial nameplate design.

  • Domed Label - These name plates come with a clear lens-like finish with a flexible polyurethane coating. Not only are these nameplates appealing to the eye but they are also highly durable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Plastic Substrates - Suitable for complex graphic printing; clear, attractive and flexible plastic substrates are composed of a wide variety of polycarbonate, polyester and polyvinyl materials and can be designed with clear or tinted windows.

  • Roll Labels - Roll labels are printed on thin plastics or colored paper. Light-weight, high volume and convenient to use, these name plates mostly come with black or colored images on white background but colored backgrounds are also available.

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