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Silk Screen Printing Services

Our exclusive silk screens printing services have made us a name trusted by the top industries as well as consumers. These services can even be used to label switches, ports, connectors, and several other components. We've also created company logos, text, and graphics with these unique printing services. Whether you need silk screens for medical devices, fabrics, signboards, or product labels, we've got all your needs covered!

At Prestige Screen Printing, we take absolute pride in our utilized equipment, technology, resources, printing techniques, and trained staff. These are the elements that help us maintain our top position and fulfill our clients' expectations.

We have expanded our product range to offer our clients exactly what they need. Maintaining a vast collection of quality silk screens, we facilitate shops that offer in-house printing services. Available in different sizes, our feature-rich silk screens are a sign of quality, functionality, and durability.

Get Acquainted With the Process

If you have an electronic image or sketch of your required print, then we'll get started on the silk screening process right away. A sophisticated laser image setter is used to burn the desired image onto film Our process is a much higher quality than the traditional vellum, offering a 4800 dpi of. Different screens are used to ensure the quality of multicolored prints.

Our advanced screen printing techniques are more versatile than several other printing methods. We are known to work with a vast array of materials, including ceramics, metal, glass, wood, plastic, and ceramics. This has given us enough knowledge and experience to serve almost any industry with our special offerings.

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